Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1. Getting Started
  • What is Tahometer?
Tahometer is a lightweight application that helps you keep track of working time for your remote team as well as your own time. Tahometer records all hours worked, takes screenshots, generates automated reports and gives you the opportunity to manage your projects and teams.
  • Where do I Start?
Sign up, register your domain with the Tahometer system and choose a subscription plan. Then download the desktop app, log in and start tracking time. It is as simple as that!
  • I can’t access my account
Please check to see if you have typed the correct domain name. If you have mistyped your email or password, you will be notified about it in the authorization window. You should also be aware that the domain admin can change passwords for other users, so perhaps your password was changed by the admin.
If you have authorization issues, contact our support team at
  • How can I go to my Dashboard?
Right-click on the Tahometer icon in the desktop tray and go to the Statistics page where you can view tracked activity with screenshots, manage projects and users and create reports for invoicing. Enter your settings in the upper-left corner to customize Tahometer. From this page, you can also view complete statistics with the total online and offline times.
  • What are Total Active and Offline times?
Tahometer automatically provides daily statistics for total and active times.
"Total day time" is the sum of the time tracked by the Tahometer app and the time manually added by the employee ("Offline time").
"Active time" is the sum of all minutes in 10-minute intervals where the employee typed on the keyboard or clicked the mouse . This value was conceived as statistical and shows productivity, not actual worked time, as people cannot physically type and click nonstop. The Total time shows truthful value of working time by day.
"Offline time" is the time manually added by the employee (conversation with manager, discussion with colleagues, etc.).
  • What user roles are available?
The User roles are: Admin, time reporter, project reviewer and company reviewer.
Admin - a user who can track time, manage all projects, set limits for projects and time reporters, view the activity of others and manage team members in projects. This role is counted against your user limit according to the chosen pricing plan.
Time reporter - a user who can track time, manage his or her own (private) projects, view his or her own statistics. This role is counted against your user limit according to the chosen pricing plan.
Project reviewer - a user who cannot track time, but can view activity of users in a chosen project. This role is NOT counted against your user limit according to the chosen pricing plan.
Company reviewer - a user who cannot track time, but can view activity of users in a chosen domain. This role is NOT counted against your user limit according to the chosen pricing plan.
Section 2. Tracking time
  • How is time tracked?
The Tahometer Agent does 2 things: 1) it tracks the activity of the workstation usage and it randomly takes screenshots. From these two bits of information the agent (desktop app) forms a “batch” that is sent to the server and is later displayed in your statistics. You should add offline time manually.
  • My tracked time is not displayed on the website
When something's wrong with your Internet connection or there are issues on the server side, your activity is still being tracked by Tahometer. Tracked activity is stored on your computer and is sent to the server once everything is fixed, but it does take some time to refresh the data in the statistics.
So rest assured, your tracked activity will not be lost in any way :)
  • Why do I get an offline Window?
Tahometer allows tracking offline time — the time you spent working, but not in front of your computer. After 10 minutes of no detected activity (no keyboard or mouse clicks), you’ll be shown an offline window specifying how long you’ve been offline. Enter a description of your offline activities and click Add. Please note that if you click Skip, the time will not be added to your Total tracked time.
  • How can I manually add offline time?
Go to your statistics page, click on the Offline time button, enter the exact time of beginning and duration of your offline activity, and then press Add.
  • How can I move my tracked time to another project?
For online time:
Check all the boxes near the screenshots you want to move and click “Move to” in the pop-up menu. The screenshots and their corresponding times will then appear in another project.
For offline time:
Click on the “Show offline activity” link, then click Edit in front of the activity you want to move. Choose the project you need in the drop-down menu and save changes.
  • Why can't I add offline time?
The admin may forbid adding offline time for a certain project or user.
Please contact the admin of your domain for further clarification.
  • My staff who work remotely have different times to what I can see.
The domain admin sees the Activity hours and time in Reports differently from what the Time Reporter sees. This is caused by the different time zones the reporter and the viewer are in.
The workaround is to temporarily change the displaying time zone.
You will have to:
  1. Go to Settings > Personal Information
  2. In the Displaying Time section, set your time zone to the reporter’s
  3. Click Update and generate a separate report
  4. Add reported data to the general report
  5. Change back the time zone.
Section 3. Taking Screenshots
  • How are screenshots taken? Are they random?
Screenshots are taken every 10 minutes at random intervals (several snapshots at random moments in the 10 min period), then the system chooses one screenshot out of them and displays it in the statistics. You never know the screenshot of what moment will be chosen :)
  • Can the time reporter delete screenshots?
If it is not forbidden by the admin of the domain, the time reporter is able to delete screenshots from his timesheet. But please NOTE: 1 screenshot = 10 minutes, so if you delete a screenshot, you automatically delete 10 minutes of logged work.
  • What does “No Screenshot” mean?
When you see “No Screenshot” in the screenshot placeholder, this means that for some reason the server failed to open the image sent by the desktop agent. Nevertheless, activity is recorded and added to the Total day time.
If the time reporter deletes a screenshot himself, the screenshot placeholder will display “Deleted by” information and the time associated with the screenshot will be subtracted from the total time.
Section 4. Deleting data
  • How can I restore a deleted project?
It is impossible to restore deleted projects and their data. Once you delete a project, your tracked time and other data (e.g. screenshots, tasks and comments) are gone forever. Support will not be able to restore it. If you think you don’t need a project anymore, send it to the archive.
  • How can I restore a deleted user?
Just as with deleting projects, it is impossible to restore a deleted user.
When you click the Delete button, you delete the user, their tracked time and screenshots. If you don’t need a user in your team anymore, you can send them to the archive — in this case, their tracked time will be saved.
Section 5. Payment
  • Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes. Although we would be sad to see you go, you can cancel your account from your account control panel.
  • Can I change my plan?
Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time and with no additional charges.
  • Are Custom Plans Available?
Yes! Go ahead and contact us using and we can put together a comprehensive quote that fits your Enterprise or Non-Profit's needs.
  • If I cancel my account within 30 days of signing up, will I be charged any fees?
No. You can test Tahometer risk-free. There will be no charge to your account if you cancel.
  • Contact support
If you are facing issues related to displaying time on the website, please contact our support service by using the address.
In your email, please specify:
Please note: This information is needed in order to quickly identify the problem and provide a timely solution.