The best tool for tracking employee working time, and keeping you informed!
  • Suitable for software development outsourcing

  • Reduces non-productive expenditure by making screenshots

  • Automates reporting, tracks projects budgets

  • Works even without internet connection

  • Exports reports to Excel and CSV

Tahometer is a time tracking and reporting tool for Mac, Windows and Linux

What is it?
Tahometer is the best tool to track working time and visualize the work process from the comforts of your own computer. Are your employees working hard? Get Tahometer, and know!
Who is it for?
Tahometer is great for businesses, freelancers, or really anybody who wants to keep their work, tracked in one, all access place. With over 200,000 minutes of work-time already tracked, Tahometer has proven to be the most reliable and pocket friendly time tracking source out there!
Why use it?
Track your work, have proof of your efforts. Track your employees remotely. Record all of your tracked hours and convert them to payments. Control your business even when you are not there. Help your business stay organized and save money!
Sorry for leaving you alone for so long. #tahometer is preparing new version of service. You will know about it soon
5:59 AM 18 Oct 13
Few days to launching......
06:11 PM Sep 22 via web
There must be a balance between what employees are being paid for and reward against employee has the perfect recipe.
02:04 PM Sep 18 via web
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Get a quick overview of working hours.
Project img en
Keep working time spent on different projects.
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Provides agile user rights configuration.
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Reports can be used for displaying work time statistic according to given criterion.
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Do not be confused by a variety of platforms and operating systems. Tahometer time tracking is working on Windows, Mac and Linux.